Slope-Intercept Form

My partner and I researched the Slope-Intercept Form...

The line must contain a slope, which is found by rise/run. The line will also express the y-intercept, this is the point where the line crosses the y-axis.

The form of this line can simplify graphing and solving for ordered pairs which are solutions to the equation. It is best known to easily identify the slope and y-intercept.

The equation of the straight line that has slope m = 4

and passes through the point (–1, –6).

    Okay, they've given me the value of the slope; in this case, m = 4.
    They have also given me an x-value and a y-value for this line: x = –1 and y = –6.

    In the slope-intercept form of a straight line, I have y, m, x, and b.
    So the only thing I need to figure out is, b (which gives me the y-intercept).

    1) Write the formula y = mx + b
    2) Plug in (Substitute) the value of the slope .
    3) Plug in the given (x,y) point.
    4) Solve for b, get b all 5)

    5) Re-write the formula with the slope and y-intercept.

      y = mx + b
      (–6) = (4)(–1) + b
      –6 = –4 + b
      –2 = b

    Then the line equation must be "y = 4x – 2".

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