Centennial Break

On my way to Philippine Arena

Just as when I thought I'd never get to go to the "World's Largest mixed-use indoor theater" or simply Philippine Arena, a miracle happened and a green ticket suddenly fell from heaven. (actually our neighbor gave it to me since she cannot go)

The Green ticket from our kind neighbor. ^_^

So we've arrive in the area around 5:30 pm. It was my first time so I was very amused and amazed by the jaw-dropping size of the arena.

The back of Philippine arena

I'm on the upper seat so the people on stage were like the size of ants performing around, good thing there was a screen projector.

The stage play was indeed very outstanding and enlightening. It made laugh, shiver and cry. It gave me so much goosebumps (until now) and more importantly knowledge about INC's history and the life of Bro. Felix Y. Manalo. The casts are really talented and we even get to see some TV icons: Ka. Jaclyn Jose, Snooky Cerna, Ka. Anthony Taberna and some that I forgot the names XD

The end of the play performance.

I'm glad that I enjoyed my Centennial break roaming the Philippine Arena which I badly wanted since last year. I would never forget this one of the wonderful rare experiences of my life.

The Philippine Arena gleams brightly at night