Morgan Warren

Photography Portfolio

Typical Texas

H.O.T. Fair Photo Contest entry displaying Central Texas images.

Two of a Kind

I took this picture for Philip and Rebekah for their Senior Portraits in the fall at the Arboretum.

Senior Portrait of my Bro!

This picture was taken of my brother at my grandparents house.

Smiles All Around

This is my friend Katherine taken in downtown Waco at an abandoned building.

Don't Mess with Texas

These are the tortilla wrappers tied to the Suspension Bridge.

Young Love

I took this picture of my cousin and her boyfriend right before their graduation from Baylor University.

A Bright Future

This is a picture of Kolten taken for his senior portrait.

Ice in Texas?

I took this picture this winter for a photojournalism assignment on nature.

Into the Woods

This is a picture of my friend Lily taken at my grandparent's house.

Fly Away

Mikayla was on vacation having fun with bubbles.

Feeling  Blue

I took this picture of my brother in the blue bonnets to send to his friends in China who have never seen Texas wildflowers.

A Dancer's Life

I took this picture for a photojournalism assignment of a portrait picture with a prop.

Flower Power

These flowers were blooming at the Carleen Bright Arboretum.

She's Got Attitude!

I took this picture of my friend for a senior photo shoot in front of a fun mural.

Life on the Farm

I took this picture of my friend Morgan when we visited her farm for her birthday party.

Making a Difference

This picture was taking at Vacation Bible School at First Woodway.

It's All About Dance

This picture was taken under football bleachers on a hot day for a photojournalism assignment.

Lone Ranger

I like this picture because it is a blue bonnet all by itself against a rusted fence post.

Texas Beauty

I took this photo of my friend Kylie at our friend's farm.

Looking Back

This picture was taken on the banks of the Brazos River.

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