By Maddie Oreglia

  1. Who are the main opponents?

-The main opponents in this conflict is India, and Pakistan.

       2. Any other countries involved or concerned?

-The United States have been an international force that is concerned with this issue, but so far they have not got involved. President Barrack Obama got invited by India to be their chief guest at the New Delhi’s Republic Day parade on January 26 though.

       3. How is this conflict being conducted (i.e., what tactics: terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, drones… etc.)?

-Pakistan would be the ones to have more nuclear power, and would use that as their stradegy. For India, "And for all its democratic self-image India lacks any open and goal-oriented strategy—seeing in its absence security lapses, intelligence failures, an inability to prevent terror attacks and a disconnect between civilian and military leadership" (India-Pakistam). Right now there have been shootings going across their borders killing each other. These violent attacks are upsetting each other, and not making their conflict of war any better.

       4. What was the cause of the conflict (as far as you can tell)?

-India and Pakistan are two states that border eachother and do not get along. They have been in 3 wars with eachother already, and almost on their 4th. They think they have ownership of Jammu, and Kashmir, so the conflict of stating who's is actually who's, is why they are in such a conflict. Nobody wants to give up these countries, and they are fighting for ownership of them.

       5. What efforts are being taken to solve the problem non-violently? Include your evaluation of the effectiveness of these peacemaking efforts or suggestion for what would be more effective.

-This issue is going on currently, and for now neither of them want to give it up. Both are trying to establish their own governments in Kashmir, but this is just leading to more conflicts. What needs to be done is that they need to come together and somehow agree on terms that they can both agree on. Considering their backgrounds it might be difficult for either of them to come to an agreement though. The best solution would be for someone to get involved, befo a nuclear war strikes out.

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