Email Safty and tips

Tanner Wolfe

1.Always include your name and email address and the persons name E.X: Dear miss.________.

This is important because that person might think your just a random person and then ignore you.

2.CUPS are a biggy capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

If you do not use these you could make a bad email the is not good typing an writing and the person might not like the way you type to them.

3.Make sure you tell the teacher and or adult what you are emailing them for if for an assignment or for a question. (I need to know how to do the 2d step in the project please).

If you don't they might think you want help with something else and help you with something different and get you even more confused.

4.Make sure you're clear and nice when you email someone so they do not feel offended or feel like you are a bad writer.

If you do mot be clear and nice they might think your being mean or a bad writer E.X: CAN YOU HELP ME WTH TH ASIMENT PLZ doing that will make the other person think you are a bad writer and will not respond back.

5.Do not use all CAPS because you might think it is cool but you are being a bad writer and you’re trying to be funny while texting someone E.X: I AM SO SORRY YOUR DOG DIED someone might think you are kidding and trying to be funny and it might hurt that person's feelings.

Do not type in all CAPS because the other might think of it the other way

E.X: I AM SO SORRY THAT YOUR DOG DIED they might think you are kidding and might not like you any more.

6.And do not just assume that the person you are emailing already knows who you are.

Always add your name and do not just assume that the other person knows who you are because that other person might not and might not respond back.

7.Include your last name if the teacher or adult already knows someone with the same name as you.

If you do not put your last name in your email that person might not know who you are because they might already know someone else.

8.You need a proper ending like sincerely.

If you do nat that will say you do not know how to write and email.

9.Do not attach bad or inappropriate pics or emails.

Doing that can get you kicked off or put in big trouble.

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