mlearning options for K-12

to enhance teaching and learning

Journal Jar

What is it? Journal Jar is an app that provides unique writing prompts after students have"shaken" up the jar.

How can it be used in education? Teachers can give students 5-10 minutes to write on their given topic. Students can then share their writing creations with their peers. This is a creative way to inspire young writers, rather than assigning the same topic to the entire class.

Book Creator

What is it? Book Creator is an app that allows you to design your own book by adding in photos from your photo stream. It enables you to customize your story by adding text and sound to your pages.

How can it be used in education? During my experience of working with a young Kindergarten girl with Down Syndrome, we utilized this app more than any other. On various occasions we took pictures of our daily activities and face to face experiences. Later we would create a book with the pictures that we had taken. My student would then go home and have a tool to help her explain to her parents what she had done that day (as she had speech difficulties). We also used it as a tool to practice sequencing and re-telling of events.


What is it? Schmuppet is an app that allows you to create a puppet and add in recordings of your own voice to tell a story. It allows you to share your puppet show via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

How can it be used in education? Teachers can utilize schmuppet by assigning a topic in history and having students take on the role of historical characters. Students can do their research on their assigned character and use schmuppet to display their findings to their peers.

Choose Your Path

What is it? Choose Your Path is a free app which is similar to a "choose your own adventure" type of story. It gives readers the power to decide what happens next in a particular story.

How can it be used in education? Choose Your Path would be a great app for students to practice their creative writing. For example, a grade three teacher could assign a story for homework and then the students could each come up with their own ending. In class the next day, students could share their stories in small groups. This would be much more interesting than the traditional book discussion because each student's story would end differently!

What is it? It is a location based audioguide that alllows you to create different tours for locations around a particular city.

How can it be used in education? During a social studies unit where students are exploring different communities, the teacher could assign each student a place to research. Students could research that place and record their findings using their voice. At a later date, students could take their classmates on a "tour" of the different places as they listen to the audio facts about the place of interest.

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