A Career as a Civil Engineer

Career Goal - Civil Eningeer

Occupational Choices

Overview : Civil Engineers help build bridges, buildings, and check safety procedures.

Helpful High School Courses : CAD 1 and 2; Intro to Engineering

Skills and Abilities : Listen, Read Blueprints, Be able to express ideas

Working Conditions : Work with a team, Work outdoors, and work with hazardous equipment.

Preparation : Job shadow someone in this buisness

Wages : $37.00/ hour in Minnesota

Employment Outlook : The growth rate for this occupation 11.8% and increasing

Related Occupations : Civil Engineering Manager, Project Engineer, and Structural Engineer

Programs of Study : Civil Engineering

Program Choices

Overview : Construction Tech Programs

Program Admission : Have a High School Diploma

Typical Course Work : Chemistry, Calculus, and Environmental Engineering

Related Programs : General Engineering and Construction Engineering

Schools that offer this program : Mankato State University

Program of Interest

Location of College : Mankato, Minnesota

Type of School : MSU is a 4 year college

School Setting : Urban


Deadline : August 15 ,2014

Tests required : ACT score of 21 or higher and GPA of 3.0

Your major offered : Civil Engineering, General Engineering

Student -Faculty Ratio : 45/1

Tuition, Room and Board : $15,500

Application Fee : $20

Financial Aid : FAFSA

Housing : They have housing and meal plans which are a little spendy. I plan on staying at home.

Activities : They have many kinds of clubs and sports. May try out for the golf team.

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