100 Word Challenge by Maddie




100 word challenge  Maddie 5/6ML


On the summer holidays I went to lots of places including:

·  tocumwal

·  The gold coast

·  The movies [twice]

But I’m only going to tell you about one, tocumwal! 28

We stayed at toc for three days with Nat and her extended and immediate family

We camped on the murray river.

We would get up in the morning and swim before breaky and then until lunch and did the same until dinner.

One of the days it was raining but we still went in the river! 85 But all the parents did was drink wine and play cards that day. :[ it was so fun!! :]


I thought I did well  in my story considering I did a lot in the holidays and we didn't have very many words to cram all the information in. I was also proud and happy about my presentation and spelling effort I made in my good copy.

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