Logo Project

By: Seth Vargas

Horrible Logos:

1. Nazis - It's pretty self explanatory. The nazis were one of the most notorious organization in all of Europe. Even today, this logo spreads fear and hate throughout the world.

2. Zoo York - One of the most horrible clothes companies in the world. They are mostly associated with their caps that hoodlums wear which are completely ridiculous.

3. Aeropostale - Another abomination among the clothing community. Ironically, this company glorifies nudity and nakedness with their provocative adds and billboards.

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts - This horrendous videogame is just another "copy-paste" first-person shooter that is completely void of any originality.

5. Chic-Fil-A - This company has openly admitted to being against the LGBT community and actually funds organizations that spread hate towards gay people.


Good Logos:

1. Steam Powered Giraffe - This band has achieved popularity by their own means. They started out as a simple act in California and grew into a huge super sensation. They approve and donate money to the LGBT movement and donate to other various charities.

2. Rockstar Games - This game company has completely revolutionized the way games are made. They also proved to the world that a Grand Theft Auto game can have an in-depth story and lovable characters.

3. Mountain Dew - Their logo is just amazing. It feels like the only way to drink Mountain Dew is if you're extreme. Mountain Dew was originally supposed to be a drink that was only available in the south. But after they got picked up with the X-Games, they rose to fame and now are a symbol of the gaming community.

4. Android - Android phones are amazing with how much they upgrade their phones. Unlike Apple, which just releases the same thing over and over again.

5. Steam - Steam is a gaming distributor website that makes games available to every PC and Mac in the world. Their famous sales and deals bring gamers from all over the world and help them play the games they love to play.

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