Wedding Planner

Michael Dalton

Who will guide the Ceremony?

           I believe that an Imam should oversee the wedding. They are more of a religious teacher rather than the Rabbi who is a religious teacher. You could also have two separate ceremonies involving each religious leader but this obviously isn't what you are looking for. This would keep both religions happy but would stretch out the costs and length of the wedding.


       I think it should take place in the city of Jerusalem. Both religions see it as a holy city and it is claimed by both Palestine and Israel. Since the east part is claimed by Palestine but inhabited by Jewish people that may be a more desirable area. I think the other districts may be too swayed in one direction in order to keep peace between the families. There is also presence of other religions in the other districts that may cause conflict.


        I think that sometime in May would be a good date for the wedding. It would not interfere with Ramadan or  Passover. The weather around this time would be mild and there would be a thinner amount of travelers than other times of the year.

Topics to be Avoided

          I believe that talks of religious differences should obviously be avoided. This would result in fighting and the possibility of someone speaking out against their marriage.


      In my life, the main natural resource that I need is food. The conflict here comes in me and my brother fighting over the different foods in the house that are readily available. This is a type of natural resource that is easy to obtain. Then there is the food that needs to be prepared. This is like the harder to get natural resources. It takes longer and more work, but the outcome is greater. In my life, there is less fighting for this since there is usually enough produced to go around. I believe this to be true in the real world in that the harder the resource is to get, the more you gain from it. I do not believe however that the more valuable resources are normally spread out.

          When it comes to conflict over religion in my house, there is basically none. We don't actively practice in my house so beliefs don't come up and result in conflict. This is not true in the real world though, as people disagree and fight about religion all day. The war on terror was basically the US fighting against religious extremists with different beliefs. This fighting has existed as long as religion and will, in my opinion, last until religion is abandoned (if that ever happens.)


Natural Resource-

            The Middle East is a center of a natural resource that people around the world use; oil. We fight over this daily as the human thirst for it grows . For some in the region, they have gained much wealth as a result of the demand. Others die as a result of fighting over the fuel. As this article states, clans that have lived near one another for years kill each other for drilling locations. And where does a main percentage of this oil go? To the American companies. Our need for fuel is fueling their disputes and deaths. We may not be alerted of all the conflict because for us, a few deaths doesn't matter if it lowers gas prices. And for those people, a new drilling location can bring in a lot of wealth and the ability to expand further.


           Religion is a recurring theme since one of the main reasons why we send troops to the middle east is to fight religious extremists. From our side, we see them as awful people because a select group of them bombed the world Trade Center during 9/11. Many aren't this way however, but we group them together to make us seem more high and mighty.  On their side, they are expressing their beliefs. They see us as the bad guys for things we have done over the course of our history and don't always see the wrong in their doings. There are also times though where they are intending to do things that will have drastic reactions.  

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