Boss of astronomers

by Sophia Dwyer

Boss of astronomers

Johannes Kepler worked as an astronomer and has invented many things and made many laws, he also  was a mathematician.

He was born in a town called Weil near Stuttgart in Germany in December the 27,1571 and died on November the 15,1630.

Kepler earned a Bachelor’s degree from the university of Tubingen in 1588 and a Master’s degree at the same university in 5191.  Kepler left his studies to teach at a Lutheran school in Graz Austria in 1594, but he was to leave here as Austria’s Roman Catholic rulers were forcing Protestants to convert to Catholicism or leave.  

Johannes Kepler is best known for his laws ideas about the universe.  His laws describe motions of the planets around the sun.  He discovered planets move along ellipses with the sun at one focus. An ellipse means an oval shaped

He was the first to explain how the  moon influenced ocean tides.  Kepler is also known for inventing eye glasses.  This design was for people who suffered from near sightedness or far sightedness.  He also made the refracting telescope that was later developed by Galileo.  Kepler’s inventions and study was to help many people. One quarter of the world’s population wears glasses for sight.  Without this invention people would not be able to see very well.  Many astronomers around the world have used Kepler’s theories to continue with their ground-breaking discoveries especially in the area of planetary movement.

Johannes Kepler was a successful mathematician, astronomer and inventor who contributed successfully to our world.