Exciting Apps for K-12 Classrooms

This Tackk will outline 5 apps that are excellent for use within the K-12 environment. Each is engaging and useful for creating new and exciting assignments and also provides teachers with fresh ways to present knowledge.


I think VoiceThread is such a great App for every year of study within the K-12 system. It allows the user to record a description over a screenshot and also to include text and video. This is a phenonenally versatile app! As a teacher it allows you to make your content accessible on multiple ways to facilitate student access. As a student you can access the content at home and as often as you need to to understand fully the concept presented. If students are not strong readers or require repetition this is the app for them!


WordPress is a free hosting site for blogs and websites. It is great for classrooms in K-12 becasue it can be used in a variety of ways. Teachers can use it to disseminate information about the classroom to their students and the students's parents. This is an excellent way to share homework assigments and also to manage the social culture of your classroom. A WordPress site can contain multiple tabs for months or students or to showcase assignments. Students can access it from home or contribute material in the classroom and the class blog can become a class project that all can contribute to.


This site allows you to create pages that are guaranteed to be accessible on any mobile device. This is a great app for K-12 because as we move forward students will be bringing their own devices more often and those devices will not be all the same. The site requires payment but the rates are reasonable, especially if a school or district purchases a membership. They can then create tools for the entire district to experience. 


Polleverywhere is a tool that allows you to poll students on any topic you desire. This is a useful task to assess comprehension, take attendance, and track student participation. A simple free plan would be enough to support a single class and upgraded plans are available for several fee grades that offer rising levels of tools. I've included a survey below that I created to show the format of Polleverywhere. Click the photo to go to the poll.


This app is great for creating exciting and modern presentations by both students and teachers. It is free for short videos and longer videos are available for reasonable fees. Teachers can use this to provide content and also to showcase student projects.

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