Kuba Ka

Kuba Ka – Mega Star Creating Vast Entertainment Empire

Multi-talented entertainer, Kuba Ka, is using his innate talents and exuberant charm to conquer all media venues, while also building an incredible entertainment empire. His performances have been seen on countless TV, radio and live shows, reaching millions of viewers around the world with his hip hop sound and altruistic message.

Fans know Kuba by his popular dance songs such as Combat, Come to America, In the Streets, and Stop Feenin’. Michael Jackson’s manager, Frank Dileo, was so impressed by Kuba’s talent and non-stop energy, he signed on as his manager. But Kuba could not be bound by music alone. He also showcases his tremendous acting abilities in the feature films, “Live Nude Girls” and “Creating a Pop Sensation.”

Kuba’s love of adventure sports and bodybuilding has led to his work as a model, and he recently collaborated with Apollo Male Models Magazine to create a calendar that literally sets the year on fire. This calendar features Kuba Ka in a variety of themes and can be purchased at kuba-ka.com. Kuba is also on the cover of the magazine’s winter edition.

Aside from everything, he has also put into motion an entertainment mecca that promises to be the most adventurous entertainment destination yet – Kuba Ka Empire in Las Vegas. To design Kuba Ka Empire, Kuba is once again joining forces with one of the most creative and influential individuals in the industry today – famous architect Tom Wright. Tom created the Burj Al Arab, a well-known and magnificent seven-star hotel in Dubai. This hotel has been dubbed, “The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel” and was beautifully created to mimic the sail of a ship. Without a doubt, combining Kuba and Tom’s brilliance will create a show-stopping, jaw-dropping dominion that will expand the boundaries of entertainment as we know it today.

Kuba Ka, also known as the Prince of Entertainment, has come a long way since his childhood in Poland. He has proven to the world that the stage, is indeed, his life, and that both his personal and professional lives blend together to make him the complete and ultimate showman.

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