The Kiva Tales

My name is Eli, a sixth grader participating in the annual sixth grade Kiva project. In the project, we apply for a loan, have teachers lend to us, and hopefully get our loan fulfilled. If we do get fulfilled, we start a business selling small toys/trinkets, and pay back our loan.

We recently had an assignment to choose from a list of "Global Competence". It included things like Value of Multiple Perspectives, Problem Solving, and Complexity of World Issues. The assignment was to choose one and write about why it resonated with us while waiting for our loan.

I decided to go with problem solving. The reason I chose problem solving is that it is crucial in everyday life, and for this project: there are almost always problems, and you have to be able to solve them. If you can't solve them, you will have a hard time. An example of problem solving would be setting up our BoG banking sheet: we had to figure out how to subtract debit/add credit for each row, and it would have been impossible without problem solving.

One that I am proud of (because I think my group did it well) is Comfort with the New and Unfamiliar. In some ways, it's similar to Problem Solving, because the new and unfamiliar will often yield problems that you have to solve. But I think my group has done a good job with this, because the majority of the things in this project have been new to us; for example, applying for a loan, setting up a bank account, and managing spreadsheets. This is an accomplishment because you have to be able to overcome and understand new and unfamiliar things.

How does it feel to be a borrower?

Being a borrower is very worrisome but exciting at the same time. Whenever you buy something you need to make sure that you'll have enough money to pay back. Sometimes, you buy something that will cause you not to have enough money to pay back, and you have to hope that you'll sell enough.

What is a quote that you could use to describe your feelings for this project?

"Don't stress over things you can't change."


What global competence is currently resonating with you?

The global competence that is currently resonating with me is communication and collaboration. The reason I chose this one is that we are currently near the end of our project, and a lot of things need to get done in a short period of time. Because we have so many things we need to do, we have to be able to communicate what we want/what needs to get done, and collaborate to get said thing done. For example, we are currently communicating and collaborating to get our Annual Report done.