Tips and Strategies for Chess

How the Units in Chess Moves

King- The King can move any spaces (1space) around himself. the King can not jump over a unit. Becarful to choose were to move the King because if your King is taken down you have lost the game or Check Mate.

  • Queen- The Queen can go forward, backward, diagonally ( all of left, right, front, back) but cannot jump over a unit.
  • Knight- The the Knight does not mov straigt, backward,side, or diagonally. It moves totall of 3 spaces like front or back 2 spaces and right or left 1 space or 2 spaces right or left and 1 space front or back and this all a single move.
  • Bishop- The Bishop can move diagonally and direction but not side to side or front and back. The Bishop also cannot jump over a unit.
  • Rook- the Rook can Forward, Backward, Right and Left. However the Rook can not move diagonally or jump over an unit.
  • Pawn- When you first move the Pawn it can move 2 spaces forward and every step after that is 1 spaces. When a opponent unit is in diagonal direction (1 space only) your Pawn can go diagonally to get that opponents unit. The pawn cannot jump over a unit and also cannot go backwards.
  • Starting Strategy

    When you start the chess always try to take the center four squares with your Pawn. If you are the second person to go do that still or if your opponent have already done that copy them. The reason to do this is because when your 2 center Pawns are out of the way your Bishop and the Queen can get your opponents units by moving diagonally.

    Defending the King

    When you want to defend your King and there is other chess units near you what you have to think first is how can I get rid of that unit (Your opponent's unit)? If there is no way you can get that unit (Not even with your King) the next thing you shoud think about is how can I block my King without moving the King (Or moving other units to protect your King.) And the last thing your have to do if these two options don't work find a space that your King can Move otherwise you have lost or Check Mate.