Cyber bullying

by: Jarod Crowder

A dangerous activity

Cyber bullying is a very serious thing. Cyber bullying is usually referred to as the sending of mean or inappropriate messages over the internet. If you do this you could cause someone to have low self-esteem or even worse, commit suicide. If this happens you could be charged with manslaughter and other federal crimes and face time in prison.

Over half of teens have been cyber bullied online, and about the same number has engaged in it. 25% of teens have been repeatedly bullied online. Over half of people bullied do not tell their parents. Girls are more likely to be involved in cyber bullying than boys are. Cyber bullying does not target a specific person, all races and ages are affected.

If this happens to you use your ignore and report buttons. If it still continues tell an adult and stop talking to them. You can even simply shut down your computer or close that tab. If you witness this malicious activity report them and stand up for the person being bullied. People are worth something. Life is precious.

Don't be another victim. Thank you for your time.

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