The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Jack

Life and Dignity of a Human Person

Definition- Don't fight with other people. There is always a more peaceful way to solve things than fighting about them.

This peace organization trys to stop the US army fighting in other countries. They try and keep the US out of other countries.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

Definition- Let people have a chance on social media and in life. Don't shut people out and give them a chance.

This anti cyber bully organization stops cyber bullying. It helps many people stay happy on the internet.

Rights and Responsibilities

Definition- All people have the right to have clothes and shelter. We must allow people to have these things in life.

This Organization allows people to donate old clothing. It can make someone very happy to get more clothes.

Option for Poor and Vulnerable

Definition- The elderly and poor are very weak and need help. They don't have all the things we have and we must help them.

This orginization gives the homeless a place to sleep. It helps them get a chance to make it farther in life.

Dignity for work and the rights of workers

Definition- Workers should get safe working conditions and a fair pay. They should not be cheated out of money.

This organization allows people to learn about workers rights. It shows how some workers aren't treated fairly.


Definition- Treat all people fairly. Don't judge someone on their skin color.

This organization helps people to remember to respect others.

Care for God's creation

Definition- Show respect for all things God created. Don't abuse animals or kill plants, take care of them.

This organization gives animals a place to live when they are abused. It is a great shelter and helps many animals each day.