Canada and You

Dawson O'Brien, 2nd hour

              Canada, what a wondrous place with waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and lakes. Come with us through the wonderful scenery of Canada.

              The Canadians of the First Nations.  Canadians are the descendants of the first settlers from Asia. They welcome all people, so come to Canada.

              They have lived here for hundreds of years. So come and visit were they Homeland. Canadians have multiculturalism, they invite people with culture from all around the world.

             Canada is Constitutional Monarchy.  Which means that it has a constitution like us.  They have a King.

             Canada has two branches of government unlike us with three branches.  They have a legislative branch which is called the parliament, and an executive branch that is run by the prime minister.

                If it wasn't for the Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Canada might not of had a Charter of Rights which is just like our Bill of Rights.
               Canada is a county full of resources which makes it a great country for industry.  Did you know that we get most of our imports from Canada.  Their are a lot transportation barriers in the way that make it harder for their imports to get here.  There are a lot of Transportation corridors which make it easier, like railroads and rivers.

When your there watch the Northern Lights. I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada.

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