Digital Citizenship

How to be a digital citizen? To be a great Citizen you never give out any information to everyone because  if you give you info. they might do something inappropriate so you first have to think who’s gonna get it and what do they need it for. And sometimes people write mean comments and mean messages so  always let a teacher see it  . Some people get bullied on the internet and kids start putting mean pictures on the internet to embarrass people. Lots of people get bullied on the internet because they got them mad and they get bullied about there girlfriend of something  like that. And when you are on the internet you must follow some rules, first rule  keep you information a secret and password, second rule don't bother anyone else last rule is to be nice to everyone and not to send mean comments and messages.  So now you know how to be a great Citizen. Remember follow the rules and be kind to other people on the internet.


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