Damin Preese S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster

This is a movie poster from the dark knight batman movie. It draws attention with the large image of the joker. Also the image is shocking or disturbing with him writing in blood. The blood is contrasting color to the dull, hazy background. It doesn't show anything about the movie plot but it shows the main antagonist of the movie. It is very attention grabbing because the image of the joker is very mysterious. This is a good movie poster because it leaves a lot up for interpretation to the viewer. You get that the joker is going to be the villain but you don't really get what the actual plot is going to be.

Analyze the documentary "Artifact"

I thought it was very interesting to get the behind the scenes to the music and label relationship. It was shocking to see how much these musicians get screwed over. I think that a fair deal between them would be for the label company to get licensing rights to the music for distribution. The artists would get 50% of sales from the music sales and they would get all the money from special events like concerts after the costs of the event are taken care of.

I think that artists continue to sign with record labels because they need exposure. They probably could get a fair amount of sales in the U.S. without a label, but they wouldn't make practically any foreign sales or concert bookings.

Yes, i think new artists know that deals are unfair with the labels but they are willing to take that risk in willing to get to have such large exposure, and hoping they will become more popular with the label.

The real issue in the movie is the fair usage of a bands music and how much control they really have over their music. The labels really have control of everything these musicians were making, which isn't right because they are the ones who actually make the music.

If i was the band 30 Seconds to Mars and i was in that situation, i would have done what they did. They really wanted to create a independent album but they knew the record label would never allow it. They held off long enough so that the record label caved in and gave them a reasonable deal.

Analyze a movie trailer

This trailer, for transformers age of extinction, is a good trailer because it gives a feel of what the movie is about, which is the transformers fighting against each other. It gives somewhat a tease of the actual plot but most of it is fighting scenes from the movie. The trailer doesn't give a really specific climax because all the clips had a similar feel to them but i think it will be when they find the dinosaur transformers. The feel of the film was a bit different than the older transformers movies possibly because of a new cast. It seems like this movie will be focusing more on the transformers and less on the human interaction.

Movie Merchandising

A good example of a movie that could use merchandising effectively is the new Captain America movie. In this movie the super hero Captain America is saving the world from this evil man and gains an ally along the way. This movie would be good to use merchandise with because it has a distinct main character and he can easily be created into a model toy. This would be an example of direct merchandising. Also things like his shield could be made into kids toys. Also they could use the captain america image for indirect merchandising on things like drink cups, backpacks, etc.

This would be an example of a movie that wouldn't be as successful in making movie merchandise. This movie is about a man named Noah who gets a sign from the gods that they are going to flood the world, he and his family create a raft to survive. During the movie the other peasants and such try to get aboard the boat. It would not be very effective because the main character is an older man not something easily created into direct merchandise. Although they could possible indirectly merchandise on things like cups and basic things, they couldn't make direct merchandise. Usually direct merchandising requires a character like a superhero. Although Noah is heroic in the movie it is different because he isn't something kids would want to play with. Also generally sad movies don't make good movies for direct merchandising.

Create a T.V. Show & Explain Marketing Plan

My T.V. show would be called Galactic, a related series to the Star Wars movies. If i were to do this i would obviously need the rights to the films from Disney now that they own the rights to the Star Wars films. But lets just say that i did get the rights of usage. Above is a little image i found and photoshoped and would act as my poster ad. The plot of the show would be the pre-years to the Star Wars movies where the Jedi and the force are just being discovered. But one of the people decides to use the force for evil, hence the bad guys in the Star Wars movies. The would be 2 main characters and about 5-6 secondary main characters. The 2 main characters would be 2 men. The first being the discoverer of the force and the second would be his disciple who he trains to learn how to use the force. The disciple decides he is going to use the force for evil because he is drunk with his new power. The secondary characters would mostly be their family members. My marketing plan for the show would consist of many things. First to kick start the show i would show a release trailer to get first notice of it. Before the trailer hits television i would create a website and social media pages for it. The website would be for watching the small clips teasing the show. My Facebook and twitter would be for connecting the fans with responses and questions, mostly to keep them interested as much time as possible. Also near the release of the premiere episode the cast of the show would appear on some talk shows and be able to give some secrets away and get the audience a first glimpse of the cast. Once the show got going, i would make more ads on things like internet and print. Lastly if the show was a big success i could do merchandising on things like restaurant cups and school folders and such. I think indirect merchandising for this type of show would be best.

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