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Harry & Rosemary Wong's Principles


Their book The first days of School had sold over 4 million copies

Translated in 5 different language

Produced a video series entitled 'The effective Teacher'

Writes a montly column for

Their own website

They endorse their perspective through maxims such as:

1. The main problem in classrooms is not poor discipline, but poor classroom management.

2. Responsibilities help clarify what everyone is supposed to do

3. If you do not plan, your students will plan for you.

Their Principles in Detail

Emphazised on making the students learn your responsibilities and theirs

Responsibilities as your Teacher

Treat you with respect

Provide with oderly classroom environment, appropriate motivation & guidance for success

Teach required content

Responsibilities as my Students

Treat me with respect

Attend class regularly; be cooperative & non disruptive

Study well & master required content

What do the Wongs Suggest for Beginning a Class Successfully?

  Teachers should:

  • Set high expectations on the first day
  • Plan the entire day right down to the minute
  • Make sure to give attention to establishing routines and learning students’ names

Before class begins, tell yourself the fowling:

  • I will establish classroom management procedures from the beginning.
  • I will convey that this class will be work-oriented, with a competent, and caring teacher.
  • I will establish work habits in my student first before teaching content.

Wong's about the first 5 mins of the class

  • Set a lasting tone for your class
  • Students must know what they are expected to do
  • When they come in, explain what you want to have happen at the start of the day
  • When students work, take roll while you walk around and observe

Wong's about the first day of class

It is helpful to script excatly what you intent to say, do & accomplish during the first day or days of the class.

Have your classroom ready for instructions & making it inviting

Stand at the door & greet students as they enter

Give them the seating assignment

Post an assignment in a consistent location

An effective teacher makes a plan and modifies as needed

For example, Mrs. Pantoja's plan for the first day

Dress in a professional manner that models success & suggest you expect achievement

Wong's about the First Week/10 days of Teaching

Teach procedures & rules

Explain the rationale  & put it into effect immediately.

Have student follow the instructions untill they follow them automatically

Specifically for the first 10 days of the school:

  •   Jane Sovenske, a National Board Certified Teacher
  • Self-manger plan – self-manger application – self-evaluation

Do the Wongs’ Ideas Work for Secondary Teachers?

The wongs’ approach works equally well at the high school levels.

Many teachers used Wong’s ideas and found that they:

  1. Could manage their classes successfully
  2. Had a very successful academically
  3. Began enjoying the pleasures of teaching

  Secondary teachers’ experiences:

What Do Wongs Say about Procedures for Cooperative Work Groups?

Support groups & support buddy

Teach students how to do the fowling:

  • Ask a support buddy for help if you have a question.
  • Be responsible for your own work and behavior.
  • Help any support buddy who asks for help.
  • Ask for help from the teacher only when support buddies cannot supply it.

More about a Management Plan

Write your expectations as rules & post them in the class

Go over with the rules with them on the first day of class

Limit to maximum of FIVE

For example

Procedures & What They Entail

Student learning will be determined by how well have you established the procedures, the very first day

Students appreciate procedures which promises security & which minimizes confusion

Three Things to Establish Good Procedures

  1. Set routines
  2. List steps when students participates in an activity
  3. Teach students through explanations, demonstartion & Practice

Practice makes us perfect :)

Lets start with one of the example

We’re going to a do group example of how to set procedures in a 4th grade classroom. Lets work as a class together

We will break into our support groups to do remainder of the examples

Ex. It is well into the school year for this 4th grade class. What are some things a teacher in the Wong’s style might have students do for their “morning entry procedure?”"

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