Argentina is located in South America and its capitol is Buenos Aires. Its major language is spanish. About 43 million people live there it is estimated that live up to about 77 years.

  • Geography

The top major cities are Buenos Aries, Cordoba, and La Plata. The top major bodies of water are Lake Argentino, Iguazu Falls, and Río de la Plata. In Argentina you should see the Andes mountains, Iguazu National Park and Perito Moreno National Park.

  • Climate

Argentina's weather is temperate and it rains at an average of 60mm.

  • Culture

Argentina is known for mostly tango. Their typical foods are Dulce de Leche and beef-oriented diet. Their major sports are football, tennis, basketball,etc.

  • Facts

In Argentina Featherbeds and a man marrying his brother is illegal. There is higher epidemiological risks in Argentina. You might see a pink fairy armadillo in Argentina!

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