Charlie Chaplin

By: Alec Miller


  • Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was an English comical actor for quiet or silent movies. Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in London, England. His parents were also in the acting business and even in the vocalist/singing industry. Charlie and his siblings had to fend for themselves due to the early loss of his father and the deathly sickness of his mother. With Charlie's inherited natural talents he went on to debut his career joining the group, Eight Lancashire Lads for tap dancing and won most favor in. When Chaplin was twelve he got his first chance to act as Billy, the page boy in a legitimate stage show. Charlie Chaplin stared in many wonderful movies like: "The Kid" (1921), "The Circus"(1928), and "Modern Times"(1936). Charlie Chaplin won an Oscar for the movie, "The Circus," won best foreign language during the blue ribbon awards for the movie,"Monsieur Verdoux,” and in 1999, American Film Institute ranked Chaplin the 10th greatest male screen legend of all time. Then later on during engagement Charlie began a career as a comedian. Charlie went on to be a star in the entertainment business in stage show, movies, comics, and even commercials and was named as one of the 1920's rising stars. In his last years, Chaplin was into writing, music, and sports. Chaplin wrote and composed many songs like: "My Trip Abroad," "You are My Song," and "My Life in Pictures." Charlie Chaplin died on Christmas day 1977.

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