The Greatest of All time:     Muhammad Ali

By: Morgan W. and Nicholas Allen R.

A hero is...

  • courageous
  • brave
  • compassionate
  • unselfish
  • determined
  • A hero is... Muhammad Ali

Accomplishments include...

  • The namesake of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, which protects boxers from immoral promoters and poor health and bout conditions
  • The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005
  • Germany's Otto Hahn Peace medal in 2005
  • Amnesty's International Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Provided over 232 million meals to the worlds hungry
  • United Nations messenger of peace in 1998 to 2008
  • State of Kentucky's "Kentuckian of the Century"
  • His participation in "Fight Night" helps generate funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson research center

Why  we think he is a hero.

We think he is a hero because he helps the hungry, the homeless, and the sick and he doesn't expect anything in return. He was brave because no matter what happened in his life, he never shied away from it, and he was generous because he donated his time to the less fortunate in the world.


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