Kayla Nicholson and Kaitlyn Lewis

Throughout our song and poem the main issue is homosexuals not having the same rights as heterosexuals. People are always alienating each other because they are different from the stereotypical impression the world has. People are quick to throw religion into a situation, but they fail to recognize their sins. The world would be a better place if people just let other people live their lives. The same love is not what "God" intended; so, people say but if two people are happy and in love with each other, then the world should let them be.

BY: Cuchulain

Those hearts
They're beating with love
No discrepancy in rhythm
Hard, fast and true.

Those hearts
Should, would, can't be together
Because of the prejudices and glances
Of a culture that prides itself on freedom

Those hearts
Are discussed in the courtrooms the temples and cathedrals
Debates are made on the subject
Lines drawn in the sand which stones are thrown guiltily over.

Those hearts
Are a problem, my religion says,
Not right, not godly
Not the two parts of a whole

Yet those hearts
Are still two hearts that love and care And love for each other
What right does my straight-armed fist have to condemn something
That blossoms into that so much happiness.

Those hearts are holy.

Those hearts
Are a blessing for this wasted blasted dissected world
If love and peace are what bring in the light
Then I most definitely support it


We chose to do “Same Love” because equal rights is a very debated over subject. Hatred is thrown at people because of whom they like or love. Although this is mostly about equal rights for gays, it is also about people who are discriminated against. People hate people because they do not look and act the same way as them and that is not fair. We should all be able to live in a world where everyone can be happy. Whether you are black, white, homosexual or heterosexual, you should embrace your self and be happy. Love comes in many shapes and forms and should not be judged. Every one believes our “all loving god” does not judge, so why exactly do homosexuals automatically go to hell. People treat homosexuality as if it is the only sin in the world and quote the bible like they like a perfect life. Our world would be a better place to live if we could stop with the hate crimes and learn to love each other.


We chose the song and poem “Same Love” because we both agree that everybody should be treated equal. The song talks mainly about homosexuality but it also tells that the discrimination towards anybody is wrong. No matter your religion, skin color, or gender we are all equal. I think that this is a good topic to be brought up through music and poems. People usually grasp and understand things better when it goes to a beat. Homosexuality is one of the most argued topics between the churches and real life. I personally do not believe in a god, but I still attend a church. The church I go to is not very open to homosexuals. Everybody should be able to accept each other no matter what. If people could be more open and accept that everybody is not going to be the same, then things would be different.

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