#trevizoeoy5 Letter Of Intent

Alexis Katie Gomez

12345 tierra dirt

El Paso, Texas 79928

May 27, 2015

Ashley Olsen


13467 Tierra Water

El Paso, Texas, 79938

Dear Ashley Olsen,

I am writing this letter to you to so you can learn a little bit about myself. I have heard so many great things about your company. Which is the reason why I want to work for you. I have attended college for five years and two to get my degree to become a pharmacist. I personally think I would be great at this job because I have great social skills. I also really wanted to become a pharmacist. It has been my dream job. I also am very intelligent and I would be very dedicated to my job. I spend a lot of time studying and preparing myself for this job. I would be very honored to work for you.

I attended college at UCLA. I did two years at UTEP and three at UCLA. At one pharmacy, they gave me an opportunity to experience the way it is, the whole job experience. I loved it so much, at that point I knew it was what I wanted to do my whole life.  I fit in so well and I did amazing, I did better than what I expected.

I hope you can give me the opportunity to work for you, it would be an honor.


Viviana Velazquez

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