The Basic Science Behind Hair Loss

If you think that aging is the only factor to hair loss, then you may want to think again. There are many reasons on why hair loss happens to many people from all over the world.

But before you wish to turn back time and make yourself younger, you should understand that there are in fact a number of issues that we need to consider on why we actually lose our hair. Here are some of the more obvious reasons:


Stress, aside from being the main cause of most diseases and sicknesses in this world, it is apparently, the same thing we can blame on when it comes to losing that shine and volume on our mane, making it limp and thin as time goes by. Not only that, it usually is also a cause for other hair conditions like dryness or dandruff.


Your food intake is also one of the possible culprits for having that lacklustre hair on your head. You might be having a lot of food that may add up to more hair loss than growth. Good thing that there are also food that can counteract this effect. Oily, natural foods like peanuts, cashews and pine nuts can do wonder for your hair. Just don’t forget to eat them in moderation because they tend to be high in fat content.

Blame it on our parents...even our grandparents.

Sometimes, you don’t need to look for deeper factors on why you are currently, or have experienced, hair loss. Take a look at your mom or dad. Do they have the same issues? Try to ask your relatives if they have encountered the same ordeal. Although this may be a perfect time to ask if some of your relatives may have really used wigs in the past, this is also a time to understand that genes are also responsible for your not-so-secret hair problem.

Frequent Hair Treatment

Chemicals from hair colour treatments, perms, hair rebonding solutions, cellophane and hair spa creams may not be good for your skin and scalp, especially if you do this on a frequent basis. For adults, having a hair treatment on a continuous basis can also decrease the quality of your hair, so it’s best to leave it alone and let it heal itself from all the bad things that you have been doing to it. Even the younger ones should avoid too much of these treatments to avoid having hair damage overtime.

Bad Hair Treatment

You may not have as much hair treatments as the others, but having one bad treatment can actually be a factor to hair loss. A lot of people, especially those who are comfortable in having cheap hair treatments, are usually the ones who end up having hair loss. Remember that your mane deserves some good treatment because it only reflects to how much you value yourself, so it’s best to make sure that you are only having a good hair treatment in Singapore.

Scouring around the city just to look for the best hair treatment in Singapore may be quite difficult and not all of them can accommodate your needs and budget. There are already a lot of salons that have online presence, so looking for Singapore hair treatment could not be any easier.