World Religions:Judaism, By Shelby Socks

Judaism started  about 4,000 years ago in 1st century C.E  Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world with about 14 million believers. The picture above is the symbol of Judaism the Star of David. Below is a map of where Judaism Originate.

Known as the patriarchs Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are the ancestors of Judaism. A synagogue is a Jews house of worship where they pray below is a picture of a synagogue.

According to the Bible god promised Abraham that his seed would inherit the land forever. The Jews see this land as the prodmise land. When Israel became famine they moved to Egypt where they thrived until the Pharaohs forced them into slavery. The Jews at that time were known as Hebrews and were slaves for about 400 hundred years. The Pharaohs made them build pyramids and other huge monuments. One of the Hebrews was named Moses and god chose him as his messenger. And told Moses to go to the Pharaoh and demand to let the Jews go to be free. The Pharaoh refused so god sent ten plagues. The final plague was worst of all god sent a death angel to kill every first born child. God told the Hebrews to smear the perfect lambs blood over their door and the angel would spare that home. The Pharaoh finally agreed to let the Jews go. Jews after many years faced a lot of unfair treatment and rebelled a lot. The Jews were exiled to many different countries. World War II many Jews were killed by the Nazi army. After that war Jews wanted to establish their own country. This became a reality in 1948 when the Jews established Israel.

Jews concept of god is that they believe in one god. Like Christians Jews believe in god but not his son Jesus Christ. Christians believe in Jesus Christ.

The picture above is a picture of Hanukkah a Jewish celebration. Like Christmas it is on the 25th of December but it lasts 8 days unlike Christmas. It is marked by the kindling of eight lights.

The Torah is the sacred writings of Judaism. Jews read the old testament from the bible they call the Torah. The Christians read the same old testament but they read the new testament to. The new testament is about Jesus Christ. Though Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ so they read the Torah the old testament.


I learned about the religion Judaism. Judaism started in Israel their promise land said Abraham their messenger. He traveled with the Jews looking for that promise land and on that journey went through some hard times. Like many religions Judaism has different beliefs like they don't eat pork products they believe that pigs are dirty animals and won't eat them. Jews believe in one god they read the Torah or the Jewish bible and pray in a Synagogue. The Jews read the old testament of the bible Christians read. Judaism is similar to Christianity Christians read the old and new testament the Jews don't read the new testament because it has Jesus Christ in it Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ.   

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