Move to the Inca Empire

A view of the beautiful Andes Mountains of South America which are controlled by us, the Incas.

Come join us in the Inca Empire! We currently control the Andes mountains, so there are beautiful mountain views almost everywhere. The capital of our empire is settled in Cuzco.

Family Life

An Inca family

In the Inca Empire every household belongs to an ayllus. Ayllus are the basis of daily life here in the Inca Empire. Your children will will learn useful tasks at such a young age. Your kids can grow up and be helpful in our society.

Class Structure

The Sapa Inca at the festival celebrating the sun god, Inti.

In the Inca Empire we have 3 levels of our class structure. They are the Emperor, Nobles, and Commoners. The commoners took up majority of the Inca population. Most commoners jobs were farmers and herders. The Nobles helped administer the empire. Lastly, the Emperor, or Sapa Inca, controlled the vast empire.


A scultpture of the Sun god, Inti.

Religion was a big part of the Inca lifestyle. The Incas believe in many gods. We don't practice human sacrifice unless its a special occasion or natural disaster. Also, if your daughter is one the most beautiful, graceful, and talented she can become a Chosen Women. If selected as the chosen women she could possibly be a secondary wife of our Sapa Inca.

Our Features

Travel to Machu Picchu, and get a view of our river and mountains.

Take a week off and visit Machu Picchu in our glorious Andes Mountains. I hope you join us in the Inca Empire!

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