There are a lot of similarities between joining the military and being an entrepreneur. Now before those of you, who want to fly of the handle, realize that I am not saying that being a soldier is like starting a business. I know the sacrifices made by the military are far greater than many will ever understand. What I will argue is that the skills, HUSTLE and execution required for each run parallel to each other. There is a lot entrepreneur’s can learn from the military.

“PFC Boeh you have one shot to prove that you should be promoted and earn respect around here”

That is what my first team leader told me. Almost 8 years later I look back on it as a Lieutenant, thinking man was he completely wrong. I did not get one shot, in fact I got multiple shots, I learned from each and kept driving on.

There is no better place to squash this “you only get one shot notion” then on the firing line. You are given not 1 round to zero and qualify with the weapon that will later save you and your buddies life but you are give multiple.

If you zero in 9 rounds (5.56mm ball ammunition) you then get 40 to qualify from various positions taking MULTIPLE SHOTS

Debunking the one shot myth in the start up world

It is the exact same in your everyday life be it a entrepreneur, a designer, a coder, Co-founder, CTO, creative… regardless of whatever hat you would like to wear on any given day/project you will always have another shot at making it better, doing it bigger or going harder.

Just as in the military there is no such thing as “one shot” in life. If there was it would be pretty uneventful and you would have been on the sidelines along time ago.

You are the only one who determines the amount of shots you get

Stop pressuring yourself to win the war in one battle. Strategically position yourself on the main avenue of approach. You have the unique power to create as many shots at VC meetings, funding and overall personal success.

Because just like any soldier in combat you HAVE to create the shots you want to take.