Jean-Claude Duvalier
By: Spencer Lamy

Jean-Clause Duvalier inherited the presidency of Haiti after his father passed away. He was put into power as president in 1971 at the age of only 19. When growing up he was almost kidnapped in a failed kidnapping attempt and as a result he had to stay within the walls of the presidential palace. By the time he inherited Haiti, just about 90% of the country was illiterate and Haiti was also the most poor country in the western hemisphere. While in power he attended the law school of Haiti for a short time to help him with his ruling of the small prosperous nation. During violent revolts in 1986, he handed the leadership over to the government and fled the country to France.

  • This is the last recorded interview with Claude before he passed away. While in the interview, there are many questions asked that he is unable to fully answer and that he rather stretches the truth towards. These questions include reports of him taking money from the government, why he has warrants out for his arrest in Haiti, and why he hopes to go back to Haiti but wont. When asked about these he did not give an answer that would be acceptable to most.

3) Article

Jean-Claude Duvalier:

Jean was a leader in Haiti from 1971 to 1986. In these 15 years that he held power, he caused great amounts of trouble and did little to nothing to benefit the people of Haiti and rather focused on the importance of his power. Due to this greed, violent protests and uprisings forced him out of power and out of the country in 1986. The people of Haiti were protesting due to the lack of effort put fourth by their leader even with countries like the United States trying to come in and help. Before he took rule, his father held rule, while his father was in rule he brought the countries conditions down overall. Once in power Jean continued this trend making him an overall poor leader of the country, the people of Haiti need a leader that will take charge and help bring them to success for a better future.

4) Essential Question

What did Jean-Claude Duvalier represent in Haiti and what may be different due to his time in power?