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1. I think it is very important to be loyal to your family because if you are in the hole they can help you out. If you are lonely and someone put you down they can Cheer you up. If there is no trust or loyalty then they are not called family. I have a friend in my house and a family member and my $300 go missing I would believe that my family member didn't take it because we share the same blood. I would hope none of my family members cross by back.

2. I think everyone needs to fallow the law. If no one fallows the law people will get hart. People will steal, kill, fight, and all kinds of stuff. Like I am driving and I want to make a u-turn and there is a no u-turn sign I have to do a u-turn somewhere else.

3. I think people should be punished for breaking the law if they did it. Because if someone killed another person they should own up to it and do there time. There shouldn't be bad people walking around the streets. Also some people shouldn't be punished because some people get accused for something they didn't do but if they did do it they should be punished. If I was to kill someone I need to go to jail for it because I would need to learn a lession.

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3 years ago

Jonathan, you do a good job with specific examples. Reading over for errors is the next step. If you need help with this, let me know.