Budweiser #BestBuds commercial


Budweiser is selling happiness through their beer, and through the love between the horse and the puppy.

An opposing point of view is that beer isn't always a good thing. Beer/alcohol is often the results of accidents, and lives lost.



McDonalds sells "happiness in a box"

An opposing point of view for McDonalds is that it is so unhealthy, it makes people obese and their food has many chemicals in them.

Canadian Tire


Canadian tire's commercials are trying to sell happiness through their products which promote camping and being outdoors with family. Anything outdoors or being with family would make someone happy... If you're Canadian!

An opposing point of view is if you don't like outdoors, or if you're American...

Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons sells happiness through their coffee and the "bond" through hockey. This commercial really shows how when hockey and Tim Hortons come together it will bring many people together forming happiness.

The only opposing point of view I can think of would be if someone doesn't like coffee, or hockey, or isn't a happy person.

Apple Products


Apple sells happiness through displaying the love and bond between family members. Taking time to cherish memories and love the most important people in your life.

Only opposing point of view would be that technology is taking over some kids, taking them away from their family and making memories with them.

I think true happiness comes from the love of your family and friends. My happiness is being with my family or being with my best friend. My pets are a true source of my happiness, walking them at Rolley Lake, or just throwing the ball for them in my back yard. We can achieve lasting happiness by surrounding ourselves with happy people, fun environments and being happy with the experiences life gives us.

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