Welcome to Uganda

Tyler H


Uganda is twice as big as Pencilevania, it is in the east of africa. It is bordered on the west of congo, on the north of Sudan, on the east of Kenya, and on the south by Tanzania, and Rwanda. The country, witch lies across the equator, is divided into three main area's- swamps lowlands, with wooden hills, and a desert region.

Lifestyles: clothing/food

Women in Uganda wear colorful roabs. Men on the outher hand wear shirts, long trousers or long white dresses. Uganda people eat banna's, potatoes, traditional african such as arrowroots and casses.

Holiday tradition and activities

Uganda people celeabrate the same holiday we do there's four differen't holiday's you do like Boxing day, Marties day, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. We all beleive in god to help us out. We like to play socer in our tribs.

Goverment and country Background/History

Our goverment and country uses multiparty democractic republic. Bantu- speaking peoples migrated to Uganda. The build Africa is comprised of 4 organsation: Build Africa UK, build Africa Kenya, build Africa Uganda and build Africa USA.


We speake engulish a lot. So we can talk to travilers that speake engulish. It was not easy to learn this language but we did it.

Religion and Beliefs

There are no athiest trenches, the old saying goes, and aren't many left in Uganda. When it comes to proverty, disease, corruption, issue of sexuality and tribal tension, most Ugandan's believe they need god's help. Ugandan's go to church to help them believe in god.

Education and School

The kids go to school when they are 6 to 7 years. 4 years of secoundary class. School helps the kids learn as much as they can know.

Tourist Intrease

You can come to see animals you might never seen befor. Like Lions and other animals to look at. You can see the most awesome animals to see.

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