Have you ever thought about how can one person change the world?

I have and I will tell about one person who did, Martin Luther King Jr..M.L.K was courageous.M.L.K was a leader and had leadership.He also was thoughtful of other people .That's what I think of M.L.K.

I think M.L.K. Was courageous.He had the courage to give a long speech. He aroused whites and blacks alike to protest racial discrimination, poverty ,and war. By leading a protest for five days from Selma to Montgomery. That's why I think M.L.K. Is courageous.

I also think M.L.K. Was a leader. He was a leader by fighting for civil rights freedom. He was a leader by putting black and white together. In 1965 King led a drive to register black voters in Selma,AL. I think M.L.K. was a good leader.

M.L.K. also was a thoughtful man. By using non -violence. He was thoughtful of the people. He was thoughtful by not judging people by their color. That's why I think M.L.K. is thoughtful.

In conclusion, I have told you about M.L.K. and how I think of him. M.L.K. had leadership. He was courageous to do a lot of things. He was also very thoughtful of others. How do you think of M.L.K.?

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