By: Nathely Diaz

      After a couple days of the hot beaming sun, there was a dark stormy night. Slim always spends his nights in the bunk house. Slim was doing the usual just stacking up the cards. Although, tonight was different. He sat there anxiously as thoughts ran through his mind.. A knock on the door shook Slim's soul out of his body. He opened the door and there was his lover. She was dressed in all red with a decieving smile. She was Curly's wife. Slim and Curly's wife have been having an affair for the past 4 months. Slim is in deep love with her.. He gives her money every week. Curly's wife sneaks around every night around 9pm when Curley goes to sleep.

       "Hey handsome, where's the money?", she asked. Slim just deeply stared at her.                  "Handsome? Why are you bemused?" Slim seemed very anguished. Slim snapped out of it and told her, "I'm sorry sweetie.. I'm acting so morosely. I have so much on my mind" Slim let her in and she sat down at the table. She was ready to just shove off. She walked around the bunkhouse looking at the windows. Slim grabbed a box that was surrounding the table, he was being very apprehensive.  

      "Run away with me my love", Slim said with alot of poop.

     "Are you sure that's the best choice? Curley will be furious. Where would we go?" Curly's wife was very skeptical about the idea.

   "I heard the other guys talking about living in a whole new town. We'll roll up a stake, pretend we're going with them and then just take a different route!" , screamed Slim.

  "We'll be in alot of hot water Slim! Let's just leave tonight!, said Curley's wife.

"Okay, we need to pack up our things. Oh god, my pants are full of ants.

The door bursted wide open. Before Slim and Curley's wife could even react, Curley ran through the door.

"I heard everything! All she ever will be is poison. A lonely tart!", Curley  screamed trying to pick a scrap.

"Leave us alone! She doesn't want to be with you anymore.", said Slim. Curley's wife was concealing in the background.

    Curley and Slim started fighting. Curley pushed Slim into the nailed in apple box. Curley was beating Slim up pretty bad. They went on for about 14 minutes. Curley's wife was startled and she panicked. She quickly picked up the razor that fell out of the nailed in apple box. She jumped in the fight and cut Curley with it. Curley jumped back and held his bleeding hand. At that point Slim grabbed Curley's wife and made a run out the door. The two ran as fast as they could and vanished. Slim and Curley's wife plan worked and they lived happily ever after.

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