Hydro Mousse

A Home Alternative to Hydroseeding

About Hydro Mousse

A do-it-yourself lawn seeding system, Hydro Mousse has taken the popular process of hydroseeding and redeveloped it into a method that the average homeowner can use. To transform traditional hydroseeding, which is a truck-centered system requiring large power equipment and generally suitable only for professionals, into task homeowners could easily undertake, the engineers behind Hydro Mousse had to first consolidate the necessary equipment into a device that could be powered by a garden hose. The resultant product performs all of the functions of the original hydroseeding process. A key step is coating the seed so that it will condition the soil while absorbing high levels of water to encourage rapid grass growth.

Hydro Mousse grass includes four carefully chosen varieties. Perennial ryegrass seeds sprout quickly and stand up to extensive wear while tall fescue holds its green color. Kentucky bluegrass grows best in full sun, and chewings fescue thrives in shade, allowing the blend to grow in any area regardless of sun conditions. The mixture also interacts to resist weeds, disease, and pests while providing extra durability for heavily used lawns. Furthermore, the product's environmentally friendly coating means that customers with children and pets can trust in Hydro Mousse's safety.