Unicorns Unite

Private supper club for unicorns (no horses allowed)

I created this as an example: hit this page at 14:27 so let's see where it goes!

1 minute: to find a picture of a unicorn using the search function above

1 minute: to think up and write create the title and subtitle and tags

5 minutes: to write the below, tweak the font unnecessarily, tweak it back, change the title font, and click 'create':


Exclusively for horn-y horses (no actual horses allowed. After all, where's the point?)

You're seeing this because you are a xxxx that our mutual friends thought would xxx (aka blurb about why this is awesome for you, Mr Unicorn). Any questions email xxx.

  • Date: March 4 2131
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • What's going on: unicorns. Also, whiskey.
  • What's included?: insert detail
  • How much: 25 magic silver pieces per 'corn (or 2-for-1 if you bring a friend)

The best unicorns on the Cape are coming together and all that's missing is you!

Click here to secure your place (this would link to a paypal payment page or similar)

(or get it half price by bringing a friend)

There are only 12 places available, first come first serve. Click above to join us!

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