Tanning Beds-ultraviolet wave energy:

By: Katie Bentley

facts about ultraviolet waves:

* Ultraviolet waves are the waves that are responsible for causing your sunburns.

* Most ultraviolet waves are blocked out by the Earth's Ozone layer, however, certain waves are able to get through. Thankfully scientists have developed UV protection to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet waves.

* Ultraviolet waves also have some advantages. It induces the production of Vitamin D in the human skin.

how ultraviolet waves are used in tanning beds:

Ultraviolet waves are used in tanning beds because the waves cause the skin to produce melanin, which is a pigment that cause the skin to darken. The waves cause the skin to go into a "self-defense" mode which then causes the tan. Even though you receive a beautiful bronze glow, you causing many different health risks inside your body.

about tanning beds:

A tanning bed is a device that uses ultraviolet radiation to produce a bronze tan. Most tanning beds have florescent lights that cause the person to tan. Most people choose to go to tanning beds because they are quicker than a natural tan from the sun and they last much longer. However, the effects of a tanning bed cause even longer damage. Exposure to UV radiation is known to cause skin cancer, advanced skin aging, and wrinkles. There have also been causes when they have mutated DNA. Frequent visits to a tanning bed can cause melanoma, which is a dangerous skin cancer.

about ultraviolet waves:

Scientists have divided the ultraviolet spectrum into 3 different parts. There is the near ultraviolet region, the far ultraviolet region, and the extreme ultraviolet region. The regions are based on how powerful or how much energy is in the radiation. Ultraviolet waves are what cause most tans and sunburns, so that is why they are used in most or all tanning beds.


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