Descriptive Writing Task
(Using @MSOneNote)

A collection of pupil answers to: What did the photographer want you to think?

I believe that the photographer of this picture wanted us to think that this picture was taken in another world. Maybe the world of a book or story, maybe a world as real as our own. I think that this is the case, because many things in the photo are similar to our own world, such as the giraffes, but also different, for example them being made of steel. The picture all seems to come out from one point at the back of the picturfe - perhaps the point where that universe meets ours.

I think he wanted to think creatively with this photo. it is very well done with the reflections and the colours. I think he wanted us to think about all the scenery around us and see how it could be altered. This would have been an average picture if it hadn't been alerted to the sheer extreme that he went to.

I believe this picture is based on the mind of someone who lets their imagination run wild, with no barriers. This is based on the fact that when you look at the grey animals in the water it makes us think without barriers.

The author does not want you to believe that this is a realistic image. This statement is backed up by the figures in the image. There are 20 feet tall steel giraffes and what I can only assume are unicorns. These are completely unrealistic, almost ridiculous image but in the setting they almost feel natural

This picture is the embodiment of childlike joy. I believe this picture is a portrayal of heaven; a child's heaven. This is what a child would imagine heaven to be or even the child's dream world itself; a place of limitless absurdity and possibility. The fort, however, is a representation of the limit of imagination; it contains the imagination. The madness is controlled and contained, just like society demands it to be.

I think that the photographer wanted us to see his vision of his perfect place. As in the photo the water is pure indicating its surreal and pure properties. The silver giraffes give the photograph a sort of dream like quality which wouldn’t be seen in a normal photograph. Als the giraffes look to be made of expensive materials such as silver perhaps.

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