Jessica Claflin and David Hein

training for the 2016 Olympic Games


David Hein is a highschool senior that is "playing in the big leagues" in the sport of sailing. By big leagues, he is sailing against the top sailors in the world in an attempt to represent the USA at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Go see his Blog at

David is a full time student and he trains full time on top of his school work along side Jessica Claflin, a Brown University Grad. With equipment, training, travel and coaching, they need the financial support from everyone so they can make it and be the youngest USA Olympic team in Rio! Will you help? Olympic level sailing requires the top caliber coaches in the world and is what the team needs to get to the Games. $1,000 pays a coach for one day!

$1,000 is a lot of money to give. While Jessica and David's expenses are extremely high (as they are for all teams training for the Olympics), they know that people want to help but money doesn't grow on trees...$500 Pays the cost of one day for a charter boat for the coach while abroad.

Are you thinking to yourself, I really want to help these inspiring athletes but don't have $500 bucks? That's ok, you can give less and it will still make an impact on their success as they travel throughout the USA and Europe to compete! A $250 contribution will help by paying for housing while they train and compete in Europe!

Times are tight. The economy is not booming and continued uncertanty coming from Washington these days, it is understandable that you may be squeemish about asking your company to give that much money to "some sailors" that are working their way towards the Olympic Games. A $125 contribution covers the cost of food for Jessica, David and their coach for an entire day! Can you help with $125?

If you said "no problem" to the $125, then you are amongst the most generous people out there. We may ask to come stay with you for a week or so while we train at your club! If you rolled their eyes and said "are you kidding me?" then we are not surprised. It is a lot of money to ask. $62.50 will cover the gas that our coach puts in the charter coach boat each day! How about you help us with a little gas money? You will probably still get a request for a spot on your floor when we come to train!

Still too much? We appreciate you sticking with us and wanting to help so we are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to help us win GOLD in Rio! $31.25 is not a ton, and it's not like we are going to go out and party with the money. A can of McLube is about $31.25 and you might be surprised at how much of that miracle product we consume with our daily practice in saltwater!

If you are thinking to yourself, McLube? I need a can of McLube and I can't afford to get it for myself, how am I going to buy a can for Jessica and David, even if it is the difference between a Gold medal and not? Would you be able to spare $15.63? This won't buy us a can of slippery goo, but do you know what it will buy? Rivets! Yes, I said rivets. You might be shocked at how many times we have to drill out and re-rivet something on our boat! Can you help us with with a few rivets?

Ok, we get it. Rivets are a luxury for those with college educations and good paying jobs on Wall Street. You are just a kid like David, am I right? You struggle to get your parents to put money on your moneycard, and you do have to stop at Starbucks on your way to school, am I right? How about this? Buy us a cup of Joe at SBUX? $7.82 should do the trick, can you help a sailor out with a little pick me up? In reality we probably won't use the money for coffee, but after all if every teenage sailor gives us a few bucks, we can win Gold! Help us today?

Hey, we love to sail. We get to sail every single day. We sail when it's nuking. We sail when it's glass. We sail in the heat, we sail in the snow! We are doing what we love to do and we really appreciate each and every one of our fans. We especially love the ones that have a sense of humor and read our Tackks and posts on our blog even though they are long and pretty lame! Will you please follow us on twitter? Our Handle is FollowMeToRio  can you tell all your friends and family to follow us too? Who knows, maybe one of them will know someone at a big corporation that wants to invest in a hard working and energetic team that is working hard to make it big! While you are at it, will you click on the like button down at the bottom of this page, and then share it on your twitter too? The more people that share it, the more exposure we get...and we need your help in getting the word out about sailors and the impact we make in the world today! Thanks.

Thought I would ask one more time. After all if I gave up before you told me yes I wouldn't have what it takes to be a champion now would I? If you can come back each and every day between now and August of 2016 and give us just $1.00. Yes I said only $1.00 a single, a buck, a lonely greenback. If you do, we will bring our Gold medal over to your house and let you show all your friends that YOU made it possible for USA's to make it big in the 2016 Games! Only $1.00 today? Can you help?