The Twin Egg Times

Three Dead in an "Incident of Affairs"

Summer 1922

A young man by the name of Jay Gatsby, or James Gatz, of West Egg is dead this morning along with Mr. George Wilson, whose wife Myrtle was killed in a previous accident involving Gatsby.  We spoke to a Mr. Tom Buchanan who told us that Gatsby was out on the town in his car with Mrs. Daisy Buchanan when the first incident occurred.

According to Buchanan, Gatsby took Daisy in his car and drove by Wilson's garage en route to wherever he was taking her.  A local policeman told us, "[Myrtle Wilson] ran out ina road," and was struck by an auto.  Buchanan said she was "Instantly killed."  In speaking to Michaelis, a Greek restaurant owner, we discovered that "There was two cars."  The one that hit Myrtle was "Going fifty [or] sixty [miles per hour] and was a yellow car," according to an African American bystander.  Once Wilson discovered the car to be Gatsby's, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Investigators at Gatsby's mansion.

George Wilson was found dead on Gatsby's lawn; he presumably took his own life after shooting Gatsby down.  His motives were clear:  he felt that Gatsby had murdered his wife, and so he killed him in cold blood.  According to Nick Carraway, an acquaintance of all those involved, Gatsby was involved in an affair with Daisy, and Tom with Myrtle, thus giving this "Incident of Affairs" its name.  Wilson was likely driven mad by his wife's affair and death.  

As for Gatsby, he is survived by his father Henry C. Gatz of Minnesota and will be greatly missed as a prime example of the American Dream.

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