Anatomy and Physiology, Vol. 6

Welcome to the LAST edition of Anatomy and Physiology for the 2015 school year.  I have loved working with your kids this year and I am looking forward to seeing them walk across the stage soon!  Here is what we have been up to this last six weeks.

Health: Inside Out

I can't believe it is finally done!  Your kids have worked so hard the last few months creating a 90 page interactive iBook to share with two schools in South Africa and anyone else who wants to download it for free.  If you have an iPad or iBooks on a Mac computer, download the book below and see how amazing this project turned out.  I am so proud of the work they did to make this book happen.  Our class editors did an outstanding job of helping everyone find their strength and determine what they could add to this project.  Special thanks to our executive editor Maddie M. for all the extra time she spent reading, editing, and creating all the interactive widgets!

I hope we are able to get feedback from the school in Africa before we end the year.  You can give your kids feedback by rating and reviewing their book in the iBook store.

The day our book was published, it reached #5 on the charts for free books!

Guest Speaker - Dr. Sheffield

A special thank you to Dr. Sheffield for talking to us this week.  We learned about her work with the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Gates Foundation, as well as the national OB/GYN Societies.  We really appreciated her sharing stories about her trip to Nepal to help with an immunization program.  Students were so impressed with her enthusiasm and her passion to improve global health.

Images from Nepal courtesy of Dr. Sheffield

Why Are You So Tired?

Good question, right? Who isn't tired? We looked at the endocrine system and its role in sleep patterns this six weeks and tried to figure out why we are so tired. Students conducted a sleep study which provided some pretty interesting results.  We did a quick experiment to determine how the amount of sleep changed our reaction time. Students reported that the less sleep they had, the slower their reaction time. For a final assessment, students developed educational materials to try to convince YOU                   to get more sleep.

Check out their work on our class portfolio.

Guest Speaker - Dr. Eastman

This six weeks we had the privilege of learning from Dr. Eastman, Parkland Trauma Surgeon and Dallas SWAT member.  Dr. Eastman shared great stories from his experience working with Dallas SWAT and explained how his medical background is helping save lives at the scene.  We really appreciate him sharing his time and wish him the best of luck as he travels to Washington D.C. to receive an award!

Images courtesy of Myranda and D Magazine

Have a great summer!