Session 1

I have learned some basics and definitions in genetics. i also explored the history of genetics. Finally, we constructed a model of DNA.

Session 2

I have explored more about mitosis. I also learned about meiosis. Lastly, we experimented with combining DNA strands.

Session 3

We explored how dominant and recessive genes combine. Determine the genetic notation. Lastly, I simulated the generation of offspring from parent genotypes.

Session 4

Used legos

Used LEGO bricks to simulate alleles. Combined alleles to produce offspring. Calculated the probability of producing certain offspring.

Session 5

We learned about sex linked traits. Analyze genotypes and phenotypes of a dihybrid cross. Lastly, simulate your own dihybid cross expirement to porduce offspring.

Session 6

Learned about ways that genetic research is used in modern society. Viewed situations involving the effects of genetic research. And discussed the risks and benefits of genetic reasearch.

Session 7

We used Legos bricks to simulate a population. Also, explored the effects of natural seletion on a population. And also explored the effects of environmental change on a given population.


You can be a scientest who evovles a gene in DNA.

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