Max Lane
1864 September, 4th
Stewie Griffin brother
Stationed in Tennessee

Day 1

In the morning  work on the farm. I eat breakfast. I mowed the yard. I feed animals on the farm.

In the afternoon I mow the yard. I shoot targets to practice. I swim in the creek. I clean my room.

Day 2

Dear Stewie,

Are you okay? I hope you are winning in the battle of Shiloh. I wish you were home right now. Can I come and see you if you are close. I herd the about the battle of Shiloh and it is doing great keep up the good work.

Day 3

I help store food for the army and I have someone bring it to them. I bring them ammo for their gun.I bring the guns to the army to help them out.

Day 4

I am glad you are okay. I am glad that you are winning the battle of Shiloh keep it up. I wish you were close so that I could see you.

Day 5

President Lincoln was assassinated by someone. He got shot in the back of the head. It was at the movie theaters. He was assassinated in April 14,  1865

It was a sad day that day.Everybody was sad that Lincoln died.The killer that killed President Lincoln was John Wilkes Booth. John Wilkes Booth was a Maryland native that was born in 1838.

The president’s corpse was taken to the White House, and on April 18 it was carried to the Capitol rotunda to lay in state on a catafalque. On April 21, Lincoln’s body was boarded onto a train that conveyed it to Springfield, Illinois, where he had lived before becoming president. Tens of thousands of Americans lined the railroad route and paid their respects to their fallen leader during the train’s solemn progression through the North.

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