What Are The Types of Aircon To Choose From?

Because Singapore is set in a tropical climate and the population is just too much for one city, it is inevitable that it would always feel hot and humid during the day. This is why air-conditioning in a residential or office space in Singapore is a must, so that people can go about their daily tasks even on the hottest days of the year.

If you are one of the few people living in Singapore without an air conditioning unit just yet, here are the types of air conditioning units you can choose from. You don’t want to spend your hot summer days living through the heat!

Windows Air Con

Window type is one of the most conventional type of air conditioning units there is. This is because it is the air conditioning unit that does not require installation as most Singapore flats have a provision to have a unit inside.

Because it is small in size, it is also easy to maintain. You can have a window type air conditioner and just easily take out the filter to make sure that it is running properly. The only downside is that since it is small, it may have a limited amount of space that it can cool down. This type of air conditioning unit works best in studio units where there are not a lot of obstructions to maintain the temperature of the entire room.

Split Air Con

Even through split type air conditioners are relatively more expensive than conventional window type air conditioners, it is still preferred by a number of people because it more powerful when regulating temperature, as well as being sleeker in design.

Split type air conditioners are called as such because the unit and the exhaust that takes in the air are split into two through a series of tubes. This type of air conditioning requires installation, that usually comes along with the price of your purchase.

Cassette Air Con

Ceiling type air conditioners are more commonly found in office spaces, where the size of the area to be cooled down is much greater than that of a conventional Singaporean flat. In the case of a ceiling type air conditioner, it is a type of aircon unit that has vents going in different directions, ensuring that all areas are kept within the regulated temperature.

For this type of unit, it would require a more meticulous installation process. Ceiling type units also require a constant checkup with an aircon repair service for periodic maintenance because unlike the first two air conditioning units where the filters are easy to maintain, larger units would have more maintenance requirements.

Once you have chosen an aircon for your home or commercial space, get a number of a Singapore Aircon Service Company to make sure that you have a company handy to assist you in repairing and maintaining your air conditioning unit. Aircons are not cheap, and making sure that your investment is well maintained is key to making sure that your air conditioning unit is up and running in the hottest of days in Singapore.