Different kinds FIREWORKS


Experts believe fireworks were invented in China well over 1,000 years ago. So there has to be allot of kinds of fireworks so what kinds are there...



M-80s / cherry bombs

Pin wheels


Roman Candles

Artillery Shells

snapers/ pop-it’s

Firecrackers: The classics, these often come in strips and can be lit with one fuse. They are best known for the amount of noise they can create.

Fountains: These create sparks that flow up like fountains and spill on the ground.

MD-80s and Cherry Bombs: You may come across these fireworks in your search, but leave them alone, even if the seller swears up and down they are legal. These are actually illegal because they pack so much power.

Pinwheels: These feature sticks driven into the ground, with the firework spinning at the top of the stick.

Repeaters (aka Cakes): These are small tubes packed together. They can be lit by one fuse, which means you get a big show for minimal effort.

Rockets: As the name indicates, these launch into the air and then explode.

Roman Candles and Tubes: These fireworks launch from a tube and go high into the air.

Shells: Like rockets, these are fired into the air, but then they burst open in a pattern.

There is so many fireworks i can't name them all but  i think that if you get a chance you

should try them out .

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