Paul Bunyan

- paul Bunyan: he was created in 1922 by chales E. brown.  they called paul Bunyan a giant a big guy because they said that he was 7ft tall and had a stride of 7ft.  sone as this myth got out everyone would say yeah i work with paul Banyan. but the only people that said that was lumber jakes and thats what paul Banyan was a lumber jake. paul Banyan was a good one at that he was so strong that in one hit to a tree that the tree would come right down. he was from Wisconsin a good old Wisconsin man.

- key Details: some are that he lives and works in Wisconsin and he is a lumber jake.  then at the time he was a guy that everyone has heard of.

questions: -

1-key ides and details- the origin of the story is paul Bunyan being the hero in Wisconsin. B- like it means that its old a very old.

2-key ides and details- one way it shows is when in the story he does twice the work then other man. B- these relate to the myth by him doing all this stuff you know that it is a myth because no one in real life would be able to do that.

3-key ides and details- he stops it by him being so big and stuff. B- f it tells you that it is a stormy please and stuff.

4- integration of knowledge and ideas- i do think that paul Bunyan is a real person because if u look up paul Bunyan on google it comes up as a real person. B- the person this story might inspire like young people because older people might think that it is not real.

5-  integration of knowledge and ideas- he was a hero because it was in slave times and when he bett the master everyone thought that there was a chance to leave slavery. B- the qualities that paul Banyan shares today with our heros are that he was strong and gave hope to us.


paul banyan was a good man he worked hard in the slave times and never gave up. he was working a day in the summer. He told his master that i could hit  through the rock faster than him with his Machine than paul  with his  hammer. his master told him ok. but the thing was that his master could not say no because that would show his slaves that he was not a strong man.

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