Oh, looking along Broadway towards Grace Church.

a love letter

It was love at first sight.

Nope, I don't remember when I first saw you, where I was or how old. But I remember the first time I saw Looking Along Broadway Towards Grace Church (Red Grooms, 1981), I fell in love.

Not necessarily with the foam-core figurines or the whacked-out traffic. It was the madness. It was in that moment I knew I longed for a city life, that I would always have the fire of urban love lighting my soul.

For years, I wanted to live on Broadway, looking every day towards Grace Church. Sirens screaming. Cabs crashing. People populating. And, maybe, by living, loving that scene I could figure out life's most enduring questions, like why the one guy appears to be wearing swim goggles as he waits to cross the street.

Never did live on Broadway. I fell in love with a new scene instead: looking along Detroit towards Terminal Tower. It's my favorite work of art.