One-stop resource for STEM teaching and activities

Video Teaching...

"Piled Higher and Deeper" or "PHDComics" YouTube Channel produces many science videos like the one above. PHD Comics videos cover a broad range of subjects, such as "Fusion Energy Explained," and can be used for more advanced STEM lessons. PHD Comics videos are short and entertaining, making them the perfect introduction to your STEM lessons.

SciShow is another great resource for teaching STEM subjects using videos. SciShow produces videos with the intended audience of teenagers, and covers many engaging subjects such as "Why do We Laugh?," "Why Do We Blush?," and "The Teenage Brain Explained." Videos include scientific exploration of these interesting topics, as well as animation and vocabulary introduction.

Ted-Ed provides videos for many different age groups on subjects across the board, many featuring "TED Subjects" of Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

Promoting Research and Experiments...

The Google Science Fair team has come up with an array of resources for promoting research through the Scientific Method to students. The Idea Springboard above allows students to find research and design experiments catered to their individual skills and interests. In addition to the Springboard, they have also developed lesson plans for students from the ages 13-18, available for free to teachers. Interested teachers can also join the connected classrooms circle, where webcasts allow for virtual fieldtrips and lessons.

Interactive Games and activities...

Interactive games can help kids engage in STEM subjects and even learn to code, both at home and in the classroom. LEGO recently came out with a game called Fix The Factory that encourages kids to learn programing hands-on. Additionally, Graphite has produced a list of 13 STEM Apps, Games, and Sites which could be helpful in your classroom

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